About us

Tonnellerie Margo was founded in 2002 and performing the main activity on an area surface of 10 hectares in Sicula, which represents the headquarters and a workstation in Beliu on an area surface of 2,5 hectares. In the present, the company has a growing number of 130 employees. The company has a high number of production areas with different lines of production.

Raw material

Combining the modern technology with the traditional craftsmanship in a pleasant way, Tonnellerie Margo wants to offer its clients the best quality barrels, made of the best white oak ( Quercus Robur, Quercus Petraea), in such way granting the wine a specific fragrance and a heavenly taste.


When we speak about tradition we feel a kind of nostalgia of the past, when products where so perfectly made, with so much passion and devotion at the same time, all this labor having the only goal of seeing the client satisfied and pleased with the choice he has made. This is the very first thing of a special importance for the company, a priority for us. This attitude, together with our craftsmanship, skill and ability transmitted from father to son, gives our company an extra credibility and authenticity!


That is why Tonnellerie Margo focuses on the offer of the best quality products, not on a big production made in a short time, as we believe that it is the quality of the products that makes the difference between the offers and not the quantity.


In the present, Tonnellerie Margo represents an important name in the wood industry. Its fame, the confidence and proved performance turned it in a well-known company in the country and abroad, becoming a famous brand in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.S.A., South Africa and Australia.

Headquarters – Șicula

Workstation – Beliu