StejarTaiatA notable trump for Tonnellerie Margo is the fact that they take into consideration and also respect the following truth: one should never minimize the costs of his products by using cheaper rough material, but reducing the unnecesary production costs as much as possible and even the profit.

In this purpose, the oak logs are carefully selected: “never the cheapest ones, sometimes on the contrary, the most expensive; what you lose paying that high price, you gain back in the pleasure of processing and it will be surelly remarked by the client. ”

splitting_oakstiva-doageHaving in view the manufacture of high quality and refined products, a special attention is granted to the drying of the wood, too. The staves are naturally and patiently dried, the wood being kept outside for more than 2 years (between 24 and 36 months) blown by winds, damped by rains and snows for the color and the homogeneousness of the drying to become of an irreproachable value. The quality of the barrels and the wine ennobled in them depends a lot on the burning process. Tonnellerie Margo succeeded to adapt the traditional manners in order to bring the best flavors to the wines. The slow burnings are controlled and last 1.5 hours, which can penetrate to 30% of the staves’ thickness.

butoiFocprocessing-barrelThe result is a reward richly deserved by the whole team: well made barrels from high quality staves denoting remarkable skills, hard to achieve simply by learning …